Best Kodi VPNs For OpenELEC and XBMC

Kodi VPNs For OpenELEC

In 2018 we have got a whole new list of VPNs for our Kodi lovers; the best VPN to safeguard your privacy and security without obstructing the speed of your internet connection. With nothing to spoil your streaming experience and tons of media to stream, you can still have a wonderful experience with Kodi . You can customize Kodi with a wide range of tools, programs, and content repositories. For the necessary assistance, you can contact hotstickybun. According to, the availability of plenty of add-ons and other facilities for Kodi makes it the most popular software across the globe as it is also a multi-platform media channel that allows you to enjoy streaming without any threat to personal data.

When we say, a device is the best for Kodi, we mean a bunch of features that should be present in the VPN. Compatibility with multiple devices is our priority. When a user streams any media, speed is a significant factor. Reliability in terms of serving data and the information in the gadget of the user is to be kept safe. Log in policy must be secure and while surfing also, the security must be robust. The ease to set up is very essential or else the user might quickly lose interest in a VPN. It should be easy to use so that a user can surf as much as he or she wants.

IPVanish is the first device on our list that is especially recommended for Android-based devices. It can also be used with Fire TV Stick and Amazon Fire TV. People who cannot access Google Play store can download the desired app directly from its website when you have IPVanish. One demerit with the VPN is that Linux system users will have to do the configuration manually. You can also go for Express VPN which is an excellent all-around choice for Kodi lovers. It offers you reliable and fast speed. It has a Linux version too, and a user can get it separately for Android.

People who cannot access a web browser or Google play can still get it from another device. ExpressVPN installation tutorials are available online, and you can check it out for any device that you want. It is an excellent unblocker, and its security standards are very high due to strong encryption quality. NordVPN is a massive network with more than a thousand server options in nearly 60 countries. Many such servers offered by it are for unblocking geo-locked streaming services. This too doesn’t have a Linux version, so one needs to configure it manually on a Linux system.

Private VPMN is a quality server that can help you unblock anything you want. It offers breakneck speed to its users and is available in many countries. Now that you know the name of top few choices for Kodi VPN, set up your VPN today and enjoy seamless access to any media you want. No need to worry about geo-locking or blocked content on your connection. It requires only a slight technical capability to install these VPN networks as they are extremely user-friendly.

The Best Poppers That Make The Most Delicious Popcorn


Can you guess what makes a movie more enjoyable and interesting? Yes, your guess is correct, it is popcorn! Popcorn is touted to be the most consumed time pass snack. There are many mouthwatering flavors available in the market, but the correct taste and texture make a lot of difference. Nowadays, we have three main categories of popcorn makers that are claimed to be the best. They are microwave poppers, hot air poppers, and stirring poppers. silicone microwave popcorn popper is preferred by many popcorn lovers as it makes the lightest and fluffiest popcorn. Craving for a healthy snack and scared of calories? Don’t worry; popcorn is the best choice for you. Need a proof that it’s beneficial? Then, please visit the site for complete information on popcorn and its benefits. Let us now go through the various popcorn poppers that are trending now and let’s get an idea about their features, pros, and cons.

Microwave Popcorn Poppers
Using this popper is quite easy as it just has to be filled with corn kernels and placed in the microwave oven. This is more suitable for a small crowd of three to four people. Let us now see the microwave poppers made of different materials:

Ø Rigid microwave poppers:
They are made of solid household container materials. They are cheap, can be used for reheating and are long-lasting. But they leave few kernels uncooked and use more space.
Ø Silicon microwave poppers:
They are made of silicone similar to the material of ice cube trays. They have many advantages like they are compact, can withstand high temperatures but do not pop the kernels unevenly. They are expensive.
Ø Lekue microwave poppers:
The company has set the margin rather high by manufacturing these poppers made of durable silicone.
Advantages of this popper:
1) Can pop up to 90% of the kernels in the first attempt
2) Easy to clean
3) Compact
Disadvantages, very few though:
Measuring lines are of the metric system.
Ø Nordic Ware microwave poppers:
The company claims that this popper is unbreakable and chip proof. This does not meet the expected standards as there are incidents of burning, but it can be used for reheating purpose.
We have some more poppers like Presto power pop multi popper, Chef’n Pop-top popper, and Joi MSC popper.

Ø Hot air popcorn poppers:
They have a popping chamber into which hot air is blown. They are the best, efficient and quick.

Ø Presto Poplite is the best hot air popper regarding design and efficiency.

Ø West bend Professional popper has multiple functions and the best cooking time.

Some other poppers are Cuisinart, and West bend air crazy mini, nostalgia retro series, Hamilton beach hot series, and Orville Redenbacher’s fountain poppers.

Stirring Popcorn Makers
In this kind of poppers, kernels are placed on a hot plate with oil. Electric element beneath the plate heats the kernels evenly. Stirrer moves the kernels around so that they do not get burnt.
Types of stirring popcorn makers:
Ø West bend stir crazy poppers:
There is no wastage, and the popcorn is most tasty when compared to others.

Ø Orville Redenbacher’s by presto and Nostalgia stainless steel stir popper have their own set of advantages and disadvantages.