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With the increasing fashion of digital marketing the need for businesses to have their website has increased. Companies like wordless web help businesses set their foot on the world wide web and take their business to global spaces. The Source of information needs to be widened today. People look for information on the internet and then decide on their purchase, travel, stay and what not. Hence if your business does not have a website, you might be going towards your doom. Create your site today but before that look at the web hosting solutions for which you can opt depending on your preferences.

Without a web hosting solution, you cannot start a business website. The web hosting solutions that are popular today are shared hosting, free web hosting, and dedicated server. The list has few more names to it, but these are the topmost and most popular ones that businesses use. The purpose of all the solutions as mentioned above is same that is hosting your content, but the way they do it is very different. The field is so vast that there are different options for you to host a website. It depends on the budget you are ready to spend and then the requirement of your business. A hosting service can be tailor-made for your business, but the basic types are the same.

Free Web Hosting
Free web hosting is a popular name in the web hosting arena. It sounds great, isn’t it? The purpose is also great as it is a solution for someone who wants to create a website for sharing it with a smaller group of audience. The features are somewhat limited to this type but still proves to be very useful for smaller audience group. It is like a personal website rather than a big business website. For small to medium businesses, one can use the shared web hosting solution where multiple users occupy some space on the same server. The area is allocated and cannot be intervened by another user.

Dedicated Hosting Service
However, if there is traffic too many users on the same server might become a problem for the website. It is an affordable option and is very specific to the businesses that are still in their nascent stage. Companies that set up blogs or smaller commerce platform can use shared solution. Then comes the dedicated hosting service that is used by large enterprises for their website. It is expensive and brings total control in the hands of the owner. There is no need to share any space on the server with another site. Some businesses need to operate with great confidentiality. A dedicated server is an essential thing for them.

However, with dedicated servers also comes an enormous amount of responsibility to manage and upgrade the systems. The websites operate don dedicated servers are comparatively faster and can have as many web pages as possible. Big e-commerce companies especially need this kind of server as they have so many web pages and links within a single website. The privacy offered by this solution attracts many businesses to base their website on this service.

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