Minecraft –The Online Game That Thrills Players


Mine craft is thrilling players across the globe, irrespective of age and gender. The online game is gaining much popularity as software giants are experimenting new ventures. Microsoft is now all set to introduce new twists to this all fun adventure. The new version makes it possible for players to join their counterparts in multiplayer games. This brings forth an entirely exciting dimension to the levels of minecraft. You can get ideas on the game from Bit Paks Minecraft Guide and sites like www.cnet.com.

There are existing multiplayer levels already. However, most of them get complicated and exhausting after a while. The game tends to become sort of tedious when it comes to waiting for the moves from the other people online. Microsoft has been looking into simplifying the whole process for some time finally the innovative version Aspirin has been developed with a solution for enabling easy navigation through the levels in multiplayer games. This leads the way for players to experience freshness from the previous versions.

Microsoft has developed this in built server browser which helps to discover and helps in using the servers easier. Since mine craft has an endless number of fans, the number of people purchasing the new servers will increase. The plan is to make available four servers to users.
· Lifeboat,
· InPvP,
· Mineplex
· CubeCraft

There are more in the cart to be released soon by Microsoft. Another innovative idea from Microsoft is the marketplace addition which enables buying assets like mini games character skins, etc. which can be downloaded.

Just a note for anyone new to Minecraft. If you are wondering what all this fuss is about, the basics of the game go like this. Mine craft is a virtual world of blocks. The players have to dig and harvest raw materials to craft them into weapons and tools and defend themselves against the forceful attack of all those bad guys in the game. The sole purpose is to survive all the attacks.There are creative versions which follow the principle of no violence too. Here the creativity in the player unleashes as he builds castles, houses and so much more with the blocks available.

A massive change is being prepared in the graphics mode as well. Microsoft has released updates regarding this.It may seem strange that the high tech figures would need a graphics overhaul. However, the aim is to bring in a high-resolution 4K support in the graphics. This will enable the characters to look bigger on the TV screen.

All the Bedrock versions will be provided with this update option for free. Premium options will be made available for the Super Duper pack which has better lighting effects, shadow, fog, increased movement for elements like leaves, etc.

As per Microsoft updates, the players will need to have XBOX ONE as well as Windows 10 to operate this new system. So those who are yet to upgrade the hardware components can now rush to have this done. Make it fast and get ready to start the adventure.